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The Humans and Technology #EDCMOOC

Robot by Andy Field CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 (http://flic.kr/p/4ggAqq)
Robot by Andy Field

On #EDCMOOC we start with an interesting theme about how digital culture and digital education are often described as either utopian or dystopian.
For introduce this first block they have been used four videos that I had never seen before. Those videos demostrate the two sides of technology. The technology that help us to make our live easier and the technology that make a world worst because it consume all our time and even they can make us their slaves.

All those videos make me remember when I was young and saw with curiosity The Jetsons.

I love sci-fi movies and books and I was always surprised with the gadgets that I would like to have in my live to make it easier (who didn"t dream with a robot that make our homework?? ;-)).

Technology has been created for humans and it"s in our hands to use them with responsability, because humans have to use technology, not vice versa. What do you think about it?

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  1. Oh, well, I think I like the Jetsons, too :-)
    With every new technology some people think is is going to be for worse. When writing was invented, certain people thought it would diminished people's ability to use their memory; for example, for remembering poetry. And some other people will always think the newest technology will be the solution for everything. In the end, any new technology is only a more sophisticated tool than the last one we were using and is neither the cure for every social illness nor a step towards a dystopian future.
    Maybe the Jetsons were only a slight improvement from the Flintstones :-)

  2. Exactly Daniel! Never before I thought than The Jetsons were an improvement from the Flinstones! Nice example!

    Thanks for comment!


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